Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I want pie!

First on my list of to-dos today was pie. Ladybug & I got up very early this morning to go get in line and get pies. This pie company called The Flying Saucer Pie Company has been in Houston a very long time. Every year for Thanksgiving, people stand in line to buy these pies for hours! Sometimes camping out overnight. They are that good!

I had the bright idea last night to go buy some instead of making them this year. The trip there from our house is about 30 minutes or so. We got closer to the place and the line was already about 7 blocks long. It was only 7:15am! The place opens at 7:00am. So Ladybug started whining and crying that she was NOT going to stand in that line. I'm like "c'mon sweetheart, I'll let you pick out any pie you want." She screamed back at me..."I'm not standing in line! Mom just make the pies OK!!!" So I have to make pies now.

I had to add ingredients for pies on my long list for the grocery store. But hey Ladybug was happy now. She got to buy a set of Barbie clothes from the toy aisle. That little turkey! Dare I ask her to go buy pies??? LOL...Next year for sure I'm going early and my pies!

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