Monday, May 24, 2010

Ladybug's Tooth Fairy Pillow

Ladybug has lost her first tooth this past Friday! YAY!!! She was so ready for this tooth to come out. Every time she talked it would jut out and the new tooth was already coming in right behind it.

So that night we were getting ready for bed and about to put the tooth under her pillow when Ladybug says "Wait Mom! I want a tooth fairy pillow." I think she was nervous about the possibility of the Tooth Fairy reaching under her pillow. She's our little scaredy cat.

So into my sewing room I go on Saturday. If I had more time, I would have gone to the store to find some fairy themed fabric. So we went through my stash of fabric and we picked these girly fabrics.

So here is my version of a Tooth Fairy Pillow! Ladybug was absolutely thrilled and I was very pleased with myself at how well it turned out. Ok so you know now I have to put these up on my Etsy! Up next will be a boy themed Tooth Fairy Pillow. :)


  1. Very cute! Your very crafty. You could sell these. New follower from the blog frog!
    We hope you will stop over and say hello when you get a chance.
    ~ Carol

  2. Oh thanks Carol! Actually I have started selling these after I posted on my FB I will certainly come by for a visit! Thanks!!!