Saturday, November 20, 2010

Where have I been?

Oh gosh where has the time gone??? Can't believe how extremely busy I have been since my last post. So long ago that I had to kinda re-do the blog page & background...sheesh! I really want to get back to my blogging. So much has gone by that I don't know where to start. Oh well I guess I'll just start from here...Ladybug and I along with the rest of her Daisy Troop were in a parade today. She was our Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie. She was so cute. As we walked along the parade route, everyone was screaming for Thin Mint cookies! We had to scream back that cookie sales start January 8...promotion! That was the idea I had when we borrowed these cookie costumes from our councel. lol...I think it did the trick! Now I want Thin Mints!!! Can't wait.

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